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A Winter Hot Cocoa Bar with a French Flair

hot cocoa bar mr coffee 1

Ok first things first, I am going to apologize ahead of time for the not so great photos! We have not had much sun here and this portion of the dining room is much darker so the pictures don’t do this little bar justice : ). Now on to the fun stuff! Nothing screams winter more than a “Hot Cocoa Bar!” I was super inspired by the ever so talented Jessica with “Pen N’ Paper Flowers”and her always charming Hot Cocoa Bar. I didn’t really have the space in our last place so was super excited when we moved and now have a larger dining room with a perfect little nook. We originally were going to just have it up for our neighborhood Christmas Craft Party, but my son was loving it so much, we decided to leave it up all winter long! I was easily persuaded after seeing the smile on his face every time he made his own cup! ¬†Thanks to our new Mr. Coffee, coffee maker and hot water dispenser, we can have “hot cocoa” in a flash. When winter is over, I will turn this little nook into my “coffee station” with a little section for my little guy to still make his favorite treat.

hot cocoa bar mr coffee 4

My girlfriend had told me about this maker and am so happy we went with this one! I make my coffee every day and my son heats up his hot water in about a minute and makes his cocoa and oatmeal. We both absolutely love this!

I wanted a fun and easy to use station with a bit of pretty for me. I painted an old cabinet I had white, gave it a light distressing and found it was the perfect size to fit on this wall in the dining room and a perfect fit to hold all of the “hot cocoa” necessities. A treat bar is always more fitting when you have a charming chalkboard sign and have to say I am super happy how this one turned out! We are in South Florida so most of the signs don’t really apply with notes on colder weather so decided to create my own with a bit of a “French” flair. Much more fitting for our home. I wanted to bring in more gold accents this winter so tried to make everything look more cohesive with a bit of spray paint. I have a few favorite metallic paints that are my go to, and this time used the “Brilliant Gold” metallic by Valspar. Love, love this paint and use it often in many of my projects. This one is more of a soft, warmer shade of gold versus a bright shiny metallic. To me it has a more vintage appeal which was more fitting for our space.

The coffee maker looks more prominent (as it should, coffee reigns high in this home…wink) placed on a round piece of lighting salvage as the base, a gold charger and a paper doily. I added the same gold paint and light white wash to my favorite tiered stand from Hobby Lobby. Always a pretty and useful accent piece to use around the house. And added the same gold paint to the tops of the jar and shakers.

hot cocoa bar mr coffee 3 hot cocoa bar mr coffee 6

I am so crushing on my new glass canisters I found at Tuesday Morning! I love the old school style of the weaved glass and the fun chalkboard canisters with the knobbed lids. The weaved glass set were very inexpensive and the larger chalkboard set I found on the clearance isle! Win, win for our hot cocoa bar! I also sprayed both sets of lids with the same gold paint to tie them all in together and did a quick outline around the chalkboard label using a gold Sharpie. I found both of the silver topped pumps at Target. So much more charming to look at it and so much easier for little hands to pump the syrup without making a mess. We both had tons of fun collecting all of the treats for the hot cocoa bar! You don’t have to go overboard on the spending. We found so many of the syrups, sauces and sweets at our local Ross for about half the price as you would full retail.

hot cocoa bar clothandpatina with mr. coffee maker 13

The kids got a big kick out of having their own mugs, not much more in price than buying decent hot beverage cups and it’s a cute gift for them to take home after the party. Each are simple white mugs from the Dollar Tree that I wrapped in string and added a small round chalkboard tag with each child’s name. This whole look came together by adding a similar accent color “Brilliant Gold”, chalkboard tags and labels-found at Michaels on each piece and a bit of Christmas greenery. Most of the pieces I already had around the house, so outside of the canisters, dispensers, mugs and all the treats we really didn’t spend that much to put this together.

Our “Hot Cocoa Bar” has been a huge hit with our friends and family and will definitely be creating one each Winter! I’m hoping this has inspired you to create a bar, big or small for you and your guests to enjoy throughout the Winter season.