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Summer Treasure Hunting, South Florida Style

I recently came across a post on Invaluable, called the  ”Guide to Summer Antiquing in the U.S.“and inspired me to share some of my favorite places to thrift here in South Florida with you.

South Florida is such an eclectic mix of culture which also means a vast array of vintage, antique and unique finds! More of us have the time over the summer to skate away on little vacations whether it be for an extended stay or just a weekend getaway. So what better time to check out what the local areas have to offer. My favorite go to when I am in any area is Craigslist. Seriously once I know the area I will be traveling to I am already on Craigslist searching the area for new finds, garage and estate sales and local community craft bazaars, etc. Depending on the area (ours always has a large selection) I always browse the “free” section first, “one man’s trash” kinda thing, right. cloth and patina island boho decor8a

My absolute favorite Craigslist find! I came across this piece while browsing the sections of Craigslist and think I fell instantly in love. No it’s not something you normally would search for as a treasure to bring home from a vacation but a piece I just had to have. Found this one about an hour or so south of me and for $80, yep eighty dollars. A piece that used to be teak in color ( I know some of you may have gasped at the fact that I painted this…but it had to be done) More details on this beauty here.


Next on my hunt would be any local salvage yard, architectural or nautical. A favorite of mine that I had frequented for years here was “Adam & Eve”, no longer in business, but fortunately many pieces have made their way to my studio before their closing. I have always had a thing for the chippy and rusty especially when it’s a piece I can repurpose and use in the garden or inside my home.

Rusty, chippy antique iron work.:

Look at all that chippy goodness! You could get lost here for hours and hours.

Endless weathered windows.:

Old arched glass window insert.:

So many possibilities with an old window…

architectural salvage clothandpatina

Odds and ends picked up over the years at local garage sales and flea markets. If in the Stuart, Florida area check out B & A Flea Market for a great mix of finds. Like all flea markets, it gets pretty busy and always recommend getting there early.



Visiting Florida and want to bring back a little maritime salvage, then you have to add Culpepper & Co. to your must have places to visit. It is right down the street from where Adam & Eve used to be (was a double whammy of fun when they were both here) and located east in downtown West Palm Beach. Another place you could spend a lot of time in swooning through all of the unique pieces they have. You literally would leave in awe of the gorgeous pieces that were salvaged from big beautiful ships.

antique row west palm beach clothandpatina

While you are in the West Palm area you have to take some time to visit “West Palm Beach Antique Row Art & Design District” It’s a very charming district filled with over 40 shops of varying styles and price ranges of wares. Definitely a place you could spend the entire day browsing and eating at the local cafes.

flea market frames clothandpatina

Looking for the more frugal side of thrifting or antiquing? Then you always have the local Goodwill,  thrift stores and Habitat for Humanity to each town. Frames are one of the items that I always look for every time I am in any type of a thrift store. They usually are super inexpensive and plentiful.

french cane chairs clothandpatina

One of my favorite thrift store finds! Two ever so charming chairs found at a local Goodwill. Two vintage french chairs for $4 a piece…can’t beat that!

dry cabinet potting bench clothandpatina

A steal of a find at a local Habitat for Humanity at $20! Found it sitting at the end of an isle and new right away it was headed to my garden.

driftwood clothandpatina

We have many coastal communities and gorgeous beaches and if your up to strolling along our beautiful waters you can bring home some of natures pretties as well. One of my favorite things to do with my son is walk along the beach especially in the early or later hours and collect beautiful pieces from the sea. There are endless options for what you can create with these or display them as they are in glass containers. Perfect and nice way to display some of your vacation memories.

If you can think outside the box a bit, I think you can find some truly beautiful pieces. Every city has such a wide range of places to shop or browse for vintage, unique or antique pieces, just have to get a little creative. Well here’s to your summer treasure hunting! As always, feel free to stop in with any questions or just to share some of your favorite hunting spots.


Christmas In July Sale!

Yay…my Christmas ornaments made it on the cover of a Christmas card in the UK! These had come out over last Christmas and so wanted to share it with you then, but had just received the actual card this year. So I figured I would do a Christmas in July sale to celebrate!

Christmas in July Sale 2016 clothandpatina

These little ornies have always been a favorite of mine to create! I was so excited when the company contacted me last year asking if they could use my image for the front of one of their cards! Yes, please & thank you! I was told they are the equivalent to American Greetings here in the states so you can guess how super excited I was! Look at that my shop name is on the back of a greeting card ( can you tell I am a little giddy over this)?

vintage music sheet ornaments clothandpatina

Vintage music sheets, vintage buttons, a bit of jute and a little sparkle! Simple, but timeless and elegant.

vintage music sheet ornaments clothandpatina1

It just seemed the right time with just getting the cards in the mail to do a Christmas in July Sale! I had wanted to get it up and running at the very beginning of July, but we are having to move to a new home in just 9 days and just did not have time to get it up then. But, better late than never right!?! The sale will run for the entire month of July. Please read the entire sale ad before purchasing and as always please feel free to ask any questions.

vintage music sheet ornaments clothandpatina2

I have a very large (from many years of collecting…wink) collection of vintage items, so if there is anything in particular you are looking for, now would be the time before all is packed up! I always have an ongoing “Wish List” for my customers and would be happy to add you to it as well.

vintage music sheet ornaments clothandpatina3

A lot going on here on my end and am so hoping to be able to share with you more on our new move and journey once I know more as to where we are going. As always, thank you so much for stopping in!