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whats on your mantle clothandpatina

I am always smitten with a pretty mantle, how about you all? With the holidays just around the corner I am always in search of pretty new ideas to add a bit of charm to my home. Adding that special touch to a mantle, fireplace, shelf or table ties your whole decor in your room together and seems to just finish it all off. 

I love simple, earthy and charming and don’t think you could get any more charming than this sign from Erin at CottonStem on Instagram. I love that her gorgeous collection of pumpkins takes center stage right under that amazing sign. A beautiful, but simple wood mantle adorned with lovely greenery, just a perfect accompaniment to the rest of her decor. So much to love here.

whats on your mantle clothandpatina 1  Again, I love the simplicity of this beautiful vignette. She swapped out her white pillars for these gorgeous rose gold colored ones, and just think they are prefect. Such a pretty color combination with the white and green. The metallic color adds a bit of glam along with the candle holders to this mantle.

via RandiGarrettDesign.com

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I tend to stick with neutrals so this is right up my alley. I am swooning over this fireplace and oh, how I love white pumpkins! I am in love with the warm tones of white and grey mixed with the charm of this wood floor. The whole area seems full, but nothing seems to over power the other. Each is perfectly placed so that it all just falls together so nicely. Look at that stunning bread bowl!

via RefreshStyle.com

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Some farmhouse love going on here. It’s simple, but very charming. One gorgeous tobacco basket surrounded by white pumpkins, a bit of galvanized metal and some earthy elements. Just love it all.

via HouseOn77th

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Simple, elegant and perfect. So pretty how she has the greenery cascading down from these pumpkins and gorgeous bread bowl.

via KatelynChantelBlog

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Dear Lillie has always been one of my most favorite blogs to visit for inspiration. Every room, every photo is so charming. Beautiful neutrals with a touch of gold.

whats on your mantle clothandpatina 6

I have always loved a beautiful heirloom pumpkin, but they aren’t always available and sometimes can be a bit pricey. But now with all of the pretty paints there are, you can create your own. You can find a great DIY here on how to make your own heirloom pumpkins if you aren’t able to find them in your area. I so love the simple elegance and blend of natural, wood and vintage metal.

whats on your mantle clothandpatina 7

I think this is my most favorite for incorporating subtle hints of Fall color. These pumpkins are so pretty nestled in the branches and fall leaves. And how sweet is this walnut garland!?! The color really pops against the white background.

via HymnsandVerses

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Mercury glass and a bit of naturals…yes please. Here’s a great article on affordable Fall decor that you don’t want to miss. Head over to PopSugar to see what they put together.

whats on your mantle clothandpatina 10

I don’t have a mantle or fireplace where we are right now, but always change out my decor on this table I made a while back. It sits in the living room but can also be seen from the entryway when you walk into our home. I have always been partial to the softer side of the holiday decorating even when I add a bit of color. I like to pair old with new and harder elements with softer ones for a balance.

 ”What are you including on your mantle this season?” Maybe some accent candles, a pretty piece of art or a beautiful photo frame? I think no matter your decor style.there always seems a great balance in blending textures, colors and elements. Most I know have already had up all of their Fall decor, but I was a bit behind this year and wanted to share some ideas with those of you who were too. Hoping you found a bit of inspiration.

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  1. lauraspn

    Hi Tammy,

    Lovely blog! And I love your floors. Are they Mexican Saltillo tile? Or reclaimed European terra cotta?


    1. clothandpatina Post author

      Hello there!

      Thank you so much on both : ) They are Mexican. The houses in this development are like little Spanish bungalows. So funny, when we first moved in I didn’t think I was going to like them, but fell in love right away. There are so many beautiful ones that are similar and just love them all.



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