Wood Flatware Obsession

olive_wood_lg So I have been obsessing over wood flatware for years but was never able to find any that I really liked so put it on the back burner for a long time until now. Look at these beauties. Gorgeous embellished olive wood flatware pieces. I am in love. Unfortunately all of this gorgeousness comes with a hefty price tag. I am sure if you were able to make the investment, they would last a lifetime.They certainly would look beautiful with just about any dinnerware setting.


flatware olive wood

 Here are Sur la Table’s wood flatware but sadly are no longer available. It’s a shame because these were no where near as pricey and are very pretty.

source  ambiance-olivier_fs


My goodness, these are from the Alain Saint-Joanis flatware collection and are hand-assembled and hand-polished in France. Simply beautiful.



Here’s another beautiful set in the Laguiole french collection from www.gumps.com. I think I prefer the more squared chiseled handles over the rounded ones.I have a very narrow handled set now and they aren’t as comfortable to hold. These look like they are a good size and weight.

Product_CBS10173_Image_1 Here is a simple and classic set from One Kings Lane. Nice, but think they are too modern looking for me.



Another simple and pretty set from One Kings Lane. I like these, they are a bit plain but like the squared handles and are not too bad on the price at $59.00 per place setting.


Even though these are rounded I really like all the details. Very charming and are on sale for $39.00 for a 20 piece set over at Chefs Catalog! That’s more like it.


Target has a similar or same set for just a bit more. These look like they are a heavier weight and would feel nice in your hand.


This is the set I have now. They are a vintage set that I picked up for next to nothing many many years ago.A bit too modern for me, but couldn’t pass them up at the time for the price. Not sure how it goes in your house, but for some reason here, our flatware among other things seems to somehow disappear, lol. After stumblilng across those olive wood pieces I kinda got obsessed with getting a new set. My dinnerware is an off white and really love the way the wood looks against the white. I know there are quite a few faux wood sets out there but they just don’t have the same look and feel.


This is the other set I am swooning over. It’s the Balthazar set from Pom Pom at Home. I absolutely love these. The grey is gorgeous and the detail on the handles, swoon. These are priced at $92.00 for a 20 piece set. So even though I covet those gorgeous olive wood pieces I will either choose from a less expensive wood set or these beauties. 

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2 thoughts on “Wood Flatware Obsession

  1. Paulina

    The flatware sets you’ve showcased are beautiful. I myself have never owned wooden flatware. I have vintage silver cutlery that I mix in with my Laguiole steak knives and spreaders. You could always add a few new pieces of flatware to your existing set and slowly begin your collection that way. It can get really expensive purchasing everything at once. I always find this is the best way for me to start my collections. The hard part for you will be choosing which flatware set you like best! They are all great choices.

    1. clothandpatina Post author


      So glad you liked them. And yes, they can get quite pricey. I do have a collection of vintage silverware and definitely could mix them together. That is a great idea! I love how the wood feels in my hand and love the rustic elegance it adds to a place setting, but like you said it can be super pricey.


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