Day 2 – Studio Organizing, It’s All In The Details

cloth and patina home storage baskets Just a quick post today. I have been on a mission to get my studio space organized so I can get out there and work a bit. I haven’t been out there much since my accident and miss it tremendously. That has been the hardest part for me, dealing with an injury and not being able to do what I love as often as I want. These days it’s more of learning to deal with the pain to make it more manageable. It’s taking me what feels like 10 times longer to do everything but I am plowing forward and getting organized.

I can admit that I have a storage basket obsession. There literally are so many things you can do or add to a basket to make it super charming. It took me almost two days just to get a lot of my stuff unpacked and laid out and then piled in sections so I can figure out where to put everything. Just so I can stay on track I decided to share the pictures with you of my studio space after it’s all organized, but thought it would be fun to share little bits and pieces along the way.  cloth and patina studio storage cloth and patina vintage buttons I spent part of today organizing my vintage buttons. I have so many in different sizes that I needed to get them in their own containers. I always store the pretty things in clear glass jars and containers. Makes it easier to see what you have and who doesn’t like to look at vintage buttons right.? I still have a ton more to separate out, but thought I would share my progress.

cloth and patina framed vintage button love

Button Heart 1000 I love love my vintage buttons and use them on so many things I create.

vintage buttons Well, like I said just a quick post today. Back out to the studio I go!

Visit my vintage button board on Pinterest for more Vintage Button Love”.

p.s. feel free to holler at me if you see me slacking from my organization ♥





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