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cloth and patina fabrics Welcome to my studio space here at Cloth and Patina and the 2014 Where Bloggers Create Link Party. This is my first year joining in and am so looking forward to browsing all of the creative space and to share my space here with you all. I had to give up my studio space about 2 years ago and am now working in my garage converted space. I took up about 3/4 of the space for my studio and left the rest for storage. I actually don’t mind it at all. My other studio was separate from the house and I really didn’t like being away from my kids. I put up a screen door that goes into the house and can keep an eye on things when I’m out here now.

Here is a combination of the things I have collected over the years that I sell in my online shop and the odds and ends are pieces I use to create with.  I guess some might see a room full of stuff and wonder so just wanted to assure you I’m not just a hoarder of a bunch of pretty things, there is a purpose behind my madness ♥

I hung the curtains in a quick fix and will later hang them properly, but for now the linen drapes hide my collection of vintage milk glass & vintage frames on one side and vintage glassware and flatware on the other.


 My Desert Cottage 

cloth and patina corbels Some of my vintage corbels are housed on top of the shelves. My favorite is the one in the center that was saved from a school house that had burned down many years ago.Some of these I sell as they are and others I use to create with.

cloth and patina shakers Part of my vintage salt shaker collection that I just adore. There are three drawers on the bottom as well that are filled with them. I refuse to use the word hoarding, I just tell myself it’s a wonderful obsession. I just love creating with them though. They are so pretty just on their own or have a little collection of them on a tray for a pretty display.

cloth and patina studio salt shakers I always give the salt shaker tops a lovely patina. Once and a while you will get lucky and they will already have a patina, otherwise I create my own. I’m so happy to finally have all of the glassware organized and can finally see all that I have.These cubes are left overs that I had bought from Michaels years ago.

cloth and patina ironstone vignette

This shelf holds all of my vintage ironstone. The whole shelf at the bottom is filled as well, but didn’t get to organizing all of those pieces yet. I’ll eventually paint the shelf in my favorite chalk paint ® color Paris Gray. Totally in love with that color and pretty much add it to as much as I can.

cloth and patina craft table

I like to stand while I’m working a lot and love that the table is the perfect height to either sit or stand. I will definitely paint this table, just not sure of the color yet? Thinking maybe a white base and a grey top? What do you all think? I think the darker grey top will hide a lot? I have rolling storage cubes underneath that serve as both storage and seating. It’s nice to have a dual purpose when you have a small space.

cloth and patina armoire Haven’t gotten around to organizing the cabinet yet, but at least things are put away.This cabinet was a complete score…it came to me completely free! Pretty much every piece of furniture I have was either given to me, found roadside, or bought used. Things definitely don’t have to be perfect to be wonderful!

cloth and patina chalk paint I don’t know about you all, but I love the tiered stands for storage. I have quite a few of them around. They hold so much and you can carry them around with you. Love the ones that spin! This pretty little caddy came from Hobby Lobby from the clearance section.

cloth and patina desk I had just the right amount of room to add my little table that I use as my desk. I do all of my work at my desk in the house, so this is perfect for what it is. I actually had to wing it and paint this little piece in the dark the night before my nieces wedding. All of the imperfections the next day kinda made me laugh, but think it made it even more charming. My niece is just like me and likes to bling things up a bit and with not having much on hand I had to get a bit creative. I took apart a belt and created the knob from the belt buckle. Decided to bling it up a bit by gluing on some crushed shell to the front. It ended up being a really cute addition to her seaside wedding. I was going to change out the knob when I brought it home, but every time I looked at it it brought back good memories and just had to leave it put.

cloth and patina frames One of my favorite doors that I can’t ever seem to part with. I move it around the house every now and then and it finally ended up out here. It’s a nice portable piece that I can use as wall space in the garage.

cloth and patina garden cart Just a charming little garden cart that I found. Love that it’s on wheels and easy to move around. It’s such a great piece to bring to craft shows.

cloth and patina vintage rhinestones 1

cloth and patina vintage rhinestones

I’m kinda obsessed with vintage rhinestones and chandelier crystals. There are so many things you can do with them. A girls gotta add a bit of sparkle right! My new baskets that I am in love with! I love love the wood and hardware on the front!

cloth and patina vintage silver 1 cloth and patina vintage silver

All of these cabinets hold my collection of vintage silver and brass. And yep, I shamefully admit that they are filled to the rim. I just can’t seem to pass up a beautiful patina! I was lucky that these cabinets were already in the garage. Made things a whole lot easier. This charming tufted stool will soon be getting a makeover in a charming grey finish. It’s a charmer isn’t it?

Even though I have a ton of things that I want to do, the studio is now workable. It feels good to finally have it at least to this point and can’t wait to start creating! Thanks so much for sharing my space with me!

And a big thank you to Karen of My Desert Cottage for hosting “The Where Bloggers Create 2014 Party”.  Please visit her blog for the link tour and a look into some pretty amazing spaces!








20 thoughts on “Where Bloggers Create 2014

  1. Kerrie

    Your space is filled with so much beauty. Such loveliness to take in. Your decor palette is the same as mine so of course I admire everything!

    Will you be joining in the Where Women Create link party in July with The Desert Cottage?

    I have been whitewashing everything in my Sea Cottage for the past 8 mos with ASCP pure white and French Linen as the grey undercoat. I love the transformation and the weathered look I can create with the chalk paint.

    Enjoy creating in your studio this Summer.

    xxo Kerrie

    1. clothandpatina Post author


      Ahhhh, always love to find another who loves a neutral palette! It really is so beautiful and peaceful isn’t it?

      Oooh and all of your lovelies sound wonderful! I would love to see a picture of them. Do you have a blog that I could visit or pictures that you’ve posted?

      I haven’t looked into the July link party, but just love everything from “Where Women Create”.

      Thank you so much for all of your kind words and thank you so much for stopping in!

      Blessings to you,

    1. clothandpatina Post author

      Clara Belle, thank you so so much for your kindness! So glad to have you all here to share with, it is always so much more inspiring ♥

  2. Jacqueline

    Hi Tammy! I have enjoyed following you on FB. I didn’t know you have a blog. I saw this post on FB. You have a beautiful style and a wonderful workspace. I’m never going to hesitate again to buy a pretty salt shaker! Haha!

    1. clothandpatina Post author

      Jacqueline, thank you so much! I am still new to blogging, but am slowly starting to join in the blogging world ♥ And omg, yes, it is so hard to pass up a pretty salt shaker! Thanks so much for stopping in! Hugs.

    1. clothandpatina Post author


      Thank you so much for stopping in! And yes, it is really hard for me to pass up a pretty salt shaker!

  3. creativehomeexpressions

    You’ve got such a great space, Tammy! I love it all and it looks like you’ve got so many things that I love in here. The salt and pepper shakers are on my list of things to look for. I love how many bloggers have been using them to hold glitter. Love that box of mirrors you have. It looks like you’ve got some beauties in there! I love the tiered trays, too. I just wish I had more room to utilize them.

    1. clothandpatina Post author

      Hello there!

      Thank you so much! It is a work in progress, but am happy to be getting things together. And yes, I am in love with vintage shakers. There really are so many uses for them! They make the tiered trays in different sizes so hopefully you can find a smaller one to use. They are great for limited space. Thanks so much for stopping in!


  4. Helena White

    Hello Tammy, So nice to see your gorgeous space. I also have have been a follower on Facebook. I enjoyed seeing all your collections, especially the glass containers. Thank you so much for stopping by. Again I love your studio Tammy ***Smiles***
    ❤ Helena

    1. clothandpatina Post author


      Hello there! And thank you so much for stopping in and taking a peek at my space! It’s a work in progress, but am enjoying it. I love vintage glass too, something so pretty about it ♥ I look forward to sharing with you.


    1. clothandpatina Post author


      Yep, it’s in my garage! And thank you so much! It’s been a long process and have a lot more to do, but am loving it so far. The only down fall is the heat it’s unbearable right now and have to work in the house. Thank you so much for stopping in ♥



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