Island Bohemian Summer Dreamcatcher Mini Giveaway

cloth and patina boho seashell dreamcatcher mini giveaway

 It’s a Summer Giveaway!

A sweet seashell dream catcher windchime mini for your home or car. 

To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment here on the blog. Please only comment once. The winner will be selected by an automated generator and will omit automatically any entries with more than one comment.

The context is open worldwide and will run until next Wednesday August 6th. I will announce the winner both here on my blog and on facebook, so please check back then.

I always love Summer, but this year for some reason I am enjoying it so much more. We’ve had a lot of rain, but have also had some beautiful warm, breezy days. I know there are a lot of people moving on to the next season, but I am going to enjoy the days of Summer for as long as I can. I am always so thankful for your continued support and inspiration and this is my way of giving back a little of that to you.

cloth and patina boho seashell dreamcatcher mini2 To me nothing says summer more than seashells! I love dreamcatchers and have a few of them hanging around the house. So this year I thought I’d combine the two together and have to say I really like how they turned out. This one is so stinkin cute

cloth and patina boho seashell dreamcatcher mini1 This has has a sweet & delicate sound when the seashells clink together.

cloth and patina boho seashell dreamcatcher mini2a The top has a pretty crochet round with a bit of shimmery seashell in the center. The outer circle is wrapped in torn strips of white cotton. And the top has a pretty little cluster of tiny shells.

cloth and patina boho seashell dreamcatcher mini2b There are five hanging strands of seashells that play a sweet melody when they sway.

cloth and patina boho seashell dreamcatcher mini I don’t know about you all, but I always love to pretty up my car and these are the perfect size to hang on your rear view mirror.

The dreamcatcher details:

total length approximately 9 – 10 inches

dreamcatcher approximately 3 inches

Thanks so much for stopping in and best of luck to you!

Wishing you all a wonderful Summer!





29 thoughts on “Island Bohemian Summer Dreamcatcher Mini Giveaway

  1. Beryl White

    I’ve wanted to make a dram catcher for so long. I even went to the second hand shops to try and find the right doily, but couldn’t find one. I have a beautiful granddaughter that I would love to give this one too. I’m sure that she would really treasure it.

  2. Julie Blair

    Wow, such a wonderful gift to give away! Thanks for your generosity! I love the sea and seashells! Summer is a wonderful time but I love fall too! Thanks for sharing your beautiful blog with us all.

  3. Janice Tate

    Your cloth and patina is so refreshing and it so refreshes my soul! Thanks for such a great giveaway! Good luck to all!

  4. Petra V.

    Oh, I love it! Never seen a pure white dream catcher with shells before and it looks absolutely stunning! Love the beach in the background too ♥

  5. Frances Swallow

    This is beautiful, delicate almost ethereal & I,for one, would love to hear for myself the tinkling of the seashells.

  6. Julia Beagan

    I adore the simplicity of this piece . . .
    It would hang pefectly in my SummerHouse and I have just the right spot to place it ✯•⊱✿
    Please choose ME x x x x

    jULiA & CatchaDragonfly


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