Autumn Pumpkin Giveaway

It’s an Autumn Pumpkin Giveaway!

cloth and patina autumn pumpkin giveaway

A sweet little fabric pumpkin in a softly weathered peat pot…in shades of white and grey. 

To enter just leave a comment here on the blog on why you love Autumn. This is my favorite time of the year and even though we don’t get a change of season here I try to get into the spirit of this beautiful time of year. Every year I long to be in the midst of the beautiful foliage, fields of pumpkin, the pretty apple orchards and the fresh crisp air. I so love Autumn and at some point know that we will move a bit further north.


Please only comment once. The winner will be selected by an automated contest generator and will omit any duplicate entries.

The contest is open worldwide and will run until midnight October 31st eastern standard time. I will announce the winner both here on the blog and on facebook, so please check back then.

I am truly grateful and blessed to have all of your continued support, kindness and inspiration and this just a little way to “give thanks” back to you.

cloth and patina autumn pumpkin giveaway1 There just is something so special about a pumpkin and this year I cannot get enough of them! I am still making them every chance I get.

cloth and patina autumn pumpkin giveaway2 This little cutie is in an off white fabric adorned with a charming little linen leaf and rhinestone. I’ve added a real pumpkin stem that I gave a light grey wash to. It’s nestled in a white washed peat pot, filled with a coffee filter ruffle and a bit of peat moss and two little handles on either side.

cloth and patina autumn pumpkin giveaway4 The pumpkin and peat pot details:

The pumpkin measures about 5″ including stem

The pumpkin itself is about 3″

The peat pot measures about 3 1/2″

Overall height is about 8″

Thanks so much for stopping in and best of luck to you!




34 thoughts on “Autumn Pumpkin Giveaway

  1. Denise

    Autumn is color richness and family – gatherings with great comfort food.
    Autumn makes me realize how much we love the beauty of nature and all it’s marvels.

  2. natalie tomlinson

    The autumn the season where we start to look at the good around us. Enjoying the simple beautiful changes like the colors of the leaves in the trees, that fall and dance in the breeze. The gatherings with family and friends, realizing what we have in front of us. To be grateful of life, the beautiful changes around us. I love the fall.

  3. Janet George

    What a lovely addition to anyone’s fall decor. Autumn is my favoritete season. I love how the sunlight ripples through the leaves. I love the nip in the air and the sound of children playing in the leaves. There is nothing like a fall picnic or a ride on the water bundled up with a thermos of cider. I just wish the season lasted longer!

  4. Charlene Hazelton

    I, too, love Autumn….The feel in the air, the sound of slightly rustling leaves, the colors, beautifully morphing into winter, and, of course, the smells of pumpkins & spice!

  5. LindaC

    Our son was born in October so that makes the fall a wonderful time. I also love the smell of pumpkin spices and cinnamon. The colors of leaves, red, gold, yellow, orange are beautiful in TN this time of year.

  6. michelle

    Recently I read somewhere that Autumn is Mother Nature’s way of apologizing for winter! I think there must be some truth in that! Your pumpkin and peat pot are lovely!

  7. Nicole Gummow

    I love this time of year because baking begins, hot cocoa for the kiddos, baking fall goodies for the family, football get togethers , large feast filled with love and a warm home .

  8. Sherry N

    I love it because we slow down a little before all of the holiday rush. It’s about family and friends gathering in. Simple hearty food and warm cozy homes. It’s the best time of the year.

  9. Jodie Crites

    Love Autumn, walking in the crisp air, all the beautiful Fall colors, leaves falling, apple orchards, hay rides..a time to get ready for the upcoming holidays with family & friends

  10. Mystica

    I live in the tropics with no distinct seasons like you have. I really enjoy the change of seasons that are enjoyed by all, along with distinct changes of both weather, clothes, decor and even food. Love this giveaway.

  11. Melissa

    I love every season, but Autumn brings a smile to me as I know I’m going to have the opportunity to work inside the house (cleaning, crafting, cooking…etc), things I don’t have time for during the spring and summer seasons!

  12. beaudivadecor

    Autumn is our most favorite time of the year. We love waking up to crisp cool mornings in beautiful Northern California, beautiful drives up to Tahoe and Napa wine country when everything looks so pretty. It also marks the beginning of the holiday season filled with gathering of our friends and family, times we cherish so much. We love your beautifully created treasures and hope that we can add this amazing decor to our home

  13. Carrie

    We don’t have 4 distinct seasons here in Phoenix but I love This time of year because the heat finally starts to dissipate! The morning and evenings are cool and we can open our windows and let the fresh air into the house.

  14. Grace

    Like you we have no real change in season, no changing of the leaves, no colorful display but this is my favorite time of year just the same. Where the nights get a lil bit longer, the air just a lil more crisp and we prepare ourselves for the holiday season and birthdays, lots and lots of birthdays! Thank you for the opportunity to win some loveliness!

  15. Aubrey

    Autumn is my favorite season of all. The crisp air, the smell of spices, cooking with family and celebrating in thanksgiving all that we have been blessed with. These are just a few.


  16. Jenny Stisher

    Autumn feels like the earth bursts with cheerfulness and says, “Look at me! I am beauty!” Love, love the beautiful colors against the blue, crisp skies, the fun of pumpkin patches and the taste of homemade fall goodies, treats and pies!

  17. Clara

    Oh there is so much to love about this time of year. The light changes I like the best I think. The low sun through yellow and orange leaves that still cling to branches making long shadows and warm afternoons. It is just so pleasant to be outdoors, the heat of summer has faded but the coolness of winter is not yet enough to chill my bones. My favourite time of year. One last burst of fruits and nuts on the plants to prepare you for the barren months to come.

  18. Kenda

    Autumn is a beautiful gift. An awareness for us to take time to simplify, bask in the beauty and to be so grateful. Thank you for offering such a beautiful giveaway.

  19. Pat D.

    Autumn is, like many other folks, my favorite season now that I live in the hot southwest. The temps are so soothing!
    BTW, I love your thrift store challenge entry – it’s so very creative (and inexpensive.) Kudos! Happy Holidays!


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