The Softer Side of Autumn Decorating

cloth and patina autumn 2014 decor 1 I know a lot of your have already started decorating for Christmas, but I am going to hold on to my Fall decor until after Thanksgiving. I will admit that I have already started creating and buying Christmas pieces though for both my shop and my home. And certainely can’t help swooning over all of the beautiful Christmas decor I’ve seen posted around, nonetheless I’m sticking my ground and fighting back the temptation. I am sure there are a few (or quite a few of you) who are going to do some last minute decorating so thought I would share a bit of my home in hopes to inspire those of you who haven’t finished up yet. That’s my cute pie, Bob, he always seems to find his way into the photos. I swear he knew I was taking pics for a blog post.  cloth and patina autumn 2014 decor 2 For those of you who had seen pics of my home over the summer, will notice that I didn’t change much around the armoire. I added just a bit more of my dried florals to the basket and a bit of brass and the cutest owl and jute tassel. cloth and patina autumn 2014 decor 3 Over the years I have adopted the “less is more” philosophy and really love the simple, peaceful feeling I get from it. The piece over the sofa is a layer of a large wicker round that I found a local thrift shop for $5.00 and have to say is my new favorite. It was a little overpowering hung on its own so added two vintage doilies and now just love the soft vintage look. As you can see the living room is very simple, but cozy. Feeling welcome, comfortable and peaceful is so important to me for myself, my family and my guests. cloth and patina autumn 2014 decor 13 The chair was a craigslist find also for $5.00 that used to be yellow and bright blue. A little paint and grey fabric dye and now fits right it. It’s one that I use at my desk and then pull over when I have more company over. The trunk was another $5.00 find that I use to hold extra blankets. I found this big chunky knit at one of my favorite thrift stores for $7.00 and both my son and I are just loving it. Who doesn’t love a chunky knit? cloth and patina autumn 2014 decor 16 cloth and patina autumn 2014 decor 15 I think displaying even the most common items in a simple collection, whether it be in a bowl, a basket or arranged on a wall gallery style is both charming and easy. Then adding just a few little touches to pretty things up. It has my guests saying, “wow, I never thought to add something so simple in a basket”. I like that it gives them that little spark to go home and try something new. cloth and patina autumn 2014 decor 14 cloth and patina autumn 2014 decor 10 I wanted to show that there is a softer side to Autumn and for those that are a little tempted to keep things neutral, that you can have the warm look of Fall even in a soft pallete. I filled a large brass container with white pumpkins, Indian corn and some dried florals, with little wisps of spanish moss. And then spread out a bunch of my little fabric pumpkins on top of the table and in the basket below. cloth and patina autumn 2014 decor 11

 And of course, Bob, my little resident ham looking all handsome.

cloth and patina autumn 2014 decor 9 cloth and patina autumn 2014 decor 12 I had an extra craft pumpkin and decided to add a bit of one of my boho fabrics. I just love how big it is. That was a simple, no sew project. Just cut the fabric and glued it over the craft pumpkin and added a real pumpkin stem. I cut off the original stem that came on the pumpkin, but you could always glue it back on if you don’t have access to a larger real stem. cloth and patina autumn 2014 decor 18 cloth and patina autumn 2014 decor 17

 That’s Sam “king of the house” all cozied up on his pillow.

cloth and patina autumn 2014 decor 6 For some reason I’m never able to get a good shot of my tiny little entryway, but you get the idea. It is super small so I added a small table and a basket to hold our shoes. I like having the chalk board at the front door. It’s nice to have messages that we and our guest can see as we come in.

cloth and patina autumn 2014 decor 7 Straight ahead when you walk in I have a very tiny space that I added a little rack to. A place where we can hang our things since the entry is so small. I will have to post a quick little tutorial on how to make this bag you see hanging. It took all of ten minutes to make and there was no sewing involved. I love to sew, but always love when you can whip something up without pulling out the sewing machine.

cloth and patina autumn 2014 decor 8

cloth and patina autumn 2014 decor 4 This is a small space in the dining room. I am really trying to get the dining area done before Thanksgiving, but now sure it will get done {hoping a little spare time will come my way}. I have been refinishing the dining table for what feels like “forever” but once I do, I want to share it with you all.

cloth and patina autumn 2014 decor 5 Just another simple and easy collection.

cloth and patina autumn 2014 decor 19 Love lighting candles around my house. Don’t know about you guys, but I light them just about every day. Just love the candle scents around the holidays, can’t seem to get enough of them. This years favorite for me was “White Pumpkin”. It was sort of a fresher, cleaner pumpkin smell”not too sweet” if that makes sense. What is your favorite this time of year?

Well hoping this has inspired you in some way and hoping you enjoyed a little peek into my home. I am always so happy to share this little part of me with you all. Thanks so much for stopping in. Until next time…Blessings.


5 thoughts on “The Softer Side of Autumn Decorating

  1. Martha Cool

    Autumn decor is the most difficult thing for me to put away! Christmas does not set foot in my house until Thanksgiving is over, although I’m deciding on the decor in my head while enjoying all of the autumn beauty. I love your beautiful neutral decor- so soothing yet warm & welcoming. Please continue the inspiration!

    1. clothandpatina Post author

      Martha, thank you so much! I agree it really is the most beautiful, cozy and inviting time and decor. I am the same as you. I like to keep it up until after Thanksgiving, but am definitely already swooning and planning ahead. Thanks so much for stopping in!


    1. clothandpatina Post author


      Oh my goodness girl, thank you so much! You are so stinking sweet! It makes it all the more fun when we can share our homes even if it’s across a computer. Thank you for stopping in!



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