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Vintage Buttons and Burlap Messages in Pretty Frames

I wanted to share with you a pretty DIY I shared on Hometalk. Creating a family keepsake or special gift using vintage buttons, a little sparkle, a burlap backdrop and a pretty frame. Yes…please!

vintage buttons and burlap messages in pretty frames, crafts

First things first, and the fun part is choosing what you want your message to say. Typically one word, (Home, Love) a date (your wedding date, a birth date), an initial or even a heart work best. Then onto choosing what and how you would like to display your message. Depending upon what is going inside, you can use a rectangle, square a circle or oval frame.
I like a lot of pretty and a lot of detail.

vintage buttons and burlap messages in pretty frames, crafts

I’ve always had a thing for vintage frames, whether wood or metal. They are always filled with so many pretty details and try to use them as often as I can. Not to say though that this project won’t look just as charming in a new or more simple frame.

vintage buttons and burlap messages in pretty frames, crafts

Depending upon your style and what look you are going for, the painting part is all about personal preference. This is where you can personalize this to fit your style. I like to keep things on the neutral side so always opt for a bit of a white wash. It doesn’t take much paint to weather your frame so a small bottle will do. These small paint bottles are always under a $1.00 and go a long way. I also stock up on the sample containers of paint from my local Home Depot or Lowes to keep on hand. Head over to the returned paint section that is usually right near the paint counter and you can sometimes get these containers for as low as $.59!

vintage buttons and burlap messages in pretty frames, crafts

Unless you want full coverage, I recommend brushing on several light layers of paint. In the end again depending on your style you can leave it painted as it is or grab a piece of sand paper to give it a light distressing. The light sanding brings out the pretty details and lends even more to the vintage look

vintage buttons and burlap messages in pretty frames, crafts

I’ve always been a huge fan of burlap. It has beautiful texture, makes a great back drop for many projects and it’s a wonderful fabric that blends with so many styles. You can find many different colors and variations, but for this project I like the standard shade of burlap. It has an earthy feel and the vintage buttons, especially the mother of pearl stand out nicely.

vintage buttons and burlap messages in pretty frames, crafts

I usually cut the burlap a bit larger than the frame so you have a little room for error or if the burlap should start to fray. At the end of the project you will trim it down to size and fit in your frame. I also cut a piece of cardboard that will go under the burlap and serve as a flat surface for your message. Keep the cardboard under your burlap during this project for support. You will also trim the cardboard down to size at the end along with the burlap.

vintage buttons and burlap messages in pretty frames, crafts

And now for the pretty part! I so love vintage buttons ( who am I kidding, I just love buttons!). There are so many pretty buttons these days if you can’t find the vintage ones though. I even snip them from damaged clothing that we no longer wear and keep them for projects down the road. It’s a sweet way to use buttons from your entire family. I use the neutral ones, but you can get really creative here and pick a color that fits your style. I’ve done a few in the past where I’ve used varying shades of one color and it looks so pretty.

vintage buttons and burlap messages in pretty frames, crafts

I add a bit of sparkle to each of mine, but again that’s all about personal preference. I like the basic clear rhinestone, but colored rhinestones would really pop off of the burlap as well! Rhinestones not your thing, you can add a pretty flower, butterfly or a broken piece of jewelry you have on hand. The buttons are pretty on their own and will look just as nice without the rhinestones though.

vintage buttons and burlap messages in pretty frames, crafts

After choosing your buttons you are going to lay them out for size on the burlap. I always keep the frame near by so I can judge how my message will look inside. (Reminder: keep the cardboard under your burlap for support and keep the project on a flat surface). You can go pretty and mix up the lettering or stick to the basics. Either way have fun! Play around with them until you get the look you want.

vintage buttons and burlap messages in pretty frames, crafts

After all of your buttons have been laid down on the burlap you can either glue them down or hand stitch each button (my personal preference). Hand sewing is super relaxing to me and I really love the way the thread looks in the buttons. It’s another mix of texture and will keep the buttons super secure especially if it’s something you want to pass down to generations.
▪ If you are planning on stitching in each button: Place a tiny drop of glue on the back of the button, just enough to hold it secure so you can sew the buttons without them falling off the burlap. Do not cover the button holes with the glue. It will make it hard to push the needle and thread through.
▪ If you do not want to hand stitch the buttons (the buttons will stay intact without the thread): Place enough glue on the back of each button to hold it secure the the burlap.
This part can be a little tricky. Try to go slow and only pick up one button at a time without disturbing the remaining buttons. Sometimes it works better to use a toothpick to pick up each button, dab on the glue with a toothpick and place back down.
Once all of your buttons have been glued, allow the glue to dry so you can either stitch them down or move to the next step.

vintage buttons and burlap messages in pretty frames, crafts

Size and cut your cardboard to fit into whichever frame you chose before moving on.

vintage buttons and burlap messages in pretty frames, crafts

The photo doesn’t show the glued/stitched buttons, but after your buttons have been glued or stitched onto the burlap, you are going to glue down the finished burlap message to your cardboard. Make sure you know where you want your message to be centered. then glue down the burlap to the cardboard and let dry. Once the glue has dried you can trim the excess burlap and slide the burlap/cardboard into your frame. If you have the original backing to the frame, slide this in as well.

vintage buttons and burlap messages in pretty frames, crafts

A lot of times with vintage frames the backs are ruined but you can fill in the excess space with layers of additional cardboard, chipboard or similar material. I like the back to be just as pretty (definitely not necessary though), so like to use pieces of wallpaper or pretty papers that I have leftover. I wanted this one to hang on the wall so created a small hook on top, but you can purchase the hooks as well and just secure to the back.

vintage buttons and burlap messages in pretty frames, crafts

And there you have it! A personalized keepsake for your home or to pass on to someone special! It’s a fun project that doesn’t take too much time or money, but the outcome is so so pretty!
So hoping this has inspired you to pull out some of those buttons you’ve been storing up and create one of your own! And hooping you don’t already to stop over at Hometalk for more creative ideas! I’d love to hear back from you if you create one of your own and would be even happier to see your finished keepsake!
Happy creating!



Summer Treasure Hunting, South Florida Style

I recently came across a post on Invaluable, called the  ”Guide to Summer Antiquing in the U.S.“and inspired me to share some of my favorite places to thrift here in South Florida with you.

South Florida is such an eclectic mix of culture which also means a vast array of vintage, antique and unique finds! More of us have the time over the summer to skate away on little vacations whether it be for an extended stay or just a weekend getaway. So what better time to check out what the local areas have to offer. My favorite go to when I am in any area is Craigslist. Seriously once I know the area I will be traveling to I am already on Craigslist searching the area for new finds, garage and estate sales and local community craft bazaars, etc. Depending on the area (ours always has a large selection) I always browse the “free” section first, “one man’s trash” kinda thing, right. cloth and patina island boho decor8a

My absolute favorite Craigslist find! I came across this piece while browsing the sections of Craigslist and think I fell instantly in love. No it’s not something you normally would search for as a treasure to bring home from a vacation but a piece I just had to have. Found this one about an hour or so south of me and for $80, yep eighty dollars. A piece that used to be teak in color ( I know some of you may have gasped at the fact that I painted this…but it had to be done) More details on this beauty here.


Next on my hunt would be any local salvage yard, architectural or nautical. A favorite of mine that I had frequented for years here was “Adam & Eve”, no longer in business, but fortunately many pieces have made their way to my studio before their closing. I have always had a thing for the chippy and rusty especially when it’s a piece I can repurpose and use in the garden or inside my home.

Rusty, chippy antique iron work.:

Look at all that chippy goodness! You could get lost here for hours and hours.

Endless weathered windows.:

Old arched glass window insert.:

So many possibilities with an old window…

architectural salvage clothandpatina

Odds and ends picked up over the years at local garage sales and flea markets. If in the Stuart, Florida area check out B & A Flea Market for a great mix of finds. Like all flea markets, it gets pretty busy and always recommend getting there early.



Visiting Florida and want to bring back a little maritime salvage, then you have to add Culpepper & Co. to your must have places to visit. It is right down the street from where Adam & Eve used to be (was a double whammy of fun when they were both here) and located east in downtown West Palm Beach. Another place you could spend a lot of time in swooning through all of the unique pieces they have. You literally would leave in awe of the gorgeous pieces that were salvaged from big beautiful ships.

antique row west palm beach clothandpatina

While you are in the West Palm area you have to take some time to visit “West Palm Beach Antique Row Art & Design District” It’s a very charming district filled with over 40 shops of varying styles and price ranges of wares. Definitely a place you could spend the entire day browsing and eating at the local cafes.

flea market frames clothandpatina

Looking for the more frugal side of thrifting or antiquing? Then you always have the local Goodwill,  thrift stores and Habitat for Humanity to each town. Frames are one of the items that I always look for every time I am in any type of a thrift store. They usually are super inexpensive and plentiful.

french cane chairs clothandpatina

One of my favorite thrift store finds! Two ever so charming chairs found at a local Goodwill. Two vintage french chairs for $4 a piece…can’t beat that!

dry cabinet potting bench clothandpatina

A steal of a find at a local Habitat for Humanity at $20! Found it sitting at the end of an isle and new right away it was headed to my garden.

driftwood clothandpatina

We have many coastal communities and gorgeous beaches and if your up to strolling along our beautiful waters you can bring home some of natures pretties as well. One of my favorite things to do with my son is walk along the beach especially in the early or later hours and collect beautiful pieces from the sea. There are endless options for what you can create with these or display them as they are in glass containers. Perfect and nice way to display some of your vacation memories.

If you can think outside the box a bit, I think you can find some truly beautiful pieces. Every city has such a wide range of places to shop or browse for vintage, unique or antique pieces, just have to get a little creative. Well here’s to your summer treasure hunting! As always, feel free to stop in with any questions or just to share some of your favorite hunting spots.


Florida Rooms, A Year Round Coastal Oasis

It has been absolutely gorgeous here! The weather has been cooler, the breeze has been blowing and the sun has been shining and all we want to do is spend the day outdoors or almost outdoors. We are so blessed to have a sun room or what we call it here in Florida, a “Florida room” at our new home. Although I haven’t had the time to decorate ours just the way I want it, I have have been collecting bits and pieces of inspiration for our new found space and wanted to share those with you in hopes to get you inspired to cozy up your little oasis wherever that may be.

florida room blog post 2

lighting | wall art | glass floats | driftwood mirror | pillow | basketsun room | curtains | jars | jute rug

This has to be one of my most favorite Florida room|sun room inspiration spaces. I love that it functions for both a sitting area and for casual dining. The weathered wood and bamboo reminds me of driftwood (one of my most favorite things) and just looks sooo inviting. Makes we want to grab a cool drink a good book and settle in here for quite a while as the breeze blows in. Couldn’t you see yourself here?

I love to store my driftwood finds in a pretty basket. The wood in contrast with vintage metal is so charming and love that it peeks through the wire. I collect different sized pieces to display and others to get all crafty with. There are so many different things you can create with driftwood and seashells, with a ton of tutorials and ideas on Pinterest. Seriously the ideas are endless! Seashells that you’ve collected are always pretty on display in charming little jars. You can wrap them up with jute twine and add labels with the names of the beaches you’ve been to for more charm. I love the use of an old fisherman’s net for a different spin on a chandelier and who doesn’t love a grouping of pretty glass globes all nestled together? There are also tutorials on how to create these if you aren’t able to find the real thing.

For those of you who know me, you know I love a soft neutral palette and although I don’t normally incorporate too much color into our home, this is the time of year that I love to bring in soft greens and blues. The blend of weathered greys, soft hints of color and tons of texture blended together give an island spa like feel and have the making of a space that I want to spend a lot of time in. I’ve seen so many different types of “Florida rooms” here from modern to traditional but have to say my favorite is a blend of coastal cottage with lots of vintage goodies. Wicker, rattan and weathered wood furniture pieces make for the most inviting decor and the perfect foundation for adding your own personal style to. 

I am a huge fan of jute rugs and use them all over my home as well as in our “Florida room” They are easier to keep clean than you think and add the perfect amount of texture. Also love drop cloth. I know many of you are familiar, but for those that aren’t. The drop cloth I am always taking about is the fabric painters drop cloth that you can find in your local home improvement center. It is inexpensive, and once washed has such a lovely color and texture. Again there are quite a few DIY tutorials around for charming things you can create with it. We plan on using the drop cloth in our room for both curtains and pillows.



We have so many pretty weather days here that it just makes sense to make the most of this added space and take your meals outdoors. Ours isn’t large enough to have a dining table as well (one can dream though), but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying my coffee out there as often as I can.

florida room blog post

chair | seahorse | table

So so love weathered wicker. Something about them that makes you want to tuck yourself right in. 1cc8736e3a0f98e8b2739fde2fdb9a93


I am always inspired by pretty windows and lots of natural light. I love that they added regular furniture pieces to their space to give it a homey and inviting feel. Simply beautiful and charming.

florida room blog post 1

bench | urn | macrame

Our ‘Florida room” has a vintage sofa, a potting urn filled with seashells and topped with an oval piece of glass that I use as my coffee table. There are so many urns and planters to choose from now and you can pretty much find them at any home improvement store, garden center or a Home Goods if you have one. Our pretty shells are always on display and can easily be seen as we sit around the table. I have a few other vintage wrought iron nesting tables about, a vintage wicker chair, a few plants hanging in macrame hangers and a vintage cabinet that I fill with pretties for each season. I will eventually build a faux fire place that will be filled with candles. Although I change out the decor for each season we always have seashells and driftwood pieces that we find on our beach walks displayed all over our room.

These sunny rooms are such a nice way to extend your decor outside a bit, but gives you the chance to tone it down and go a bit more casual. Kinda sets the laid back island living mentality into gear and gives you a nice place to unwind. You can still bring the beach home or at least in one room. You don’t have to live near the ocean to have a little island escape. There are so many online sources that carry affordable and really pretty coastal pieces that make it that much easier to decorate.

c043ab5583f3703b42b49547f5a79957 (1)

Totally swooning over this room! The doors are so charming and are the perfect entry into this space. Love that they kept it simple and crisp with lots of white and grey and those wonderful wicker chairs. Love the numbers they stenciled on the chairs!



Whatever you may call your space, a “Florida room”, sun room, some variation of a porch, it’s a space that’s definitely worth putting together. On pretty and even rainy days our friends and family always seem to migrate out to our room. We spend many hours out on ours enjoying the beautiful breeze or the sound of the rain hitting the tin roof.

Well that’s all for now. Hoping I have inspired you in some way to pretty up your “Florida room”, porch or patio in time for these pretty days we’ve been having. I’don’t know about you all, but I also find a ton of inspiration while browsing real estate listings. Most often the homes are all prettied up both inside and out and give me so many good ideas. I came across some local listings that I just loved at elliman.com. If you get a chance stop on over and check out these pretty homes for a bit more inspiration.

I’d love to hear from you if you have a “florida room” yourself or if you have any ideas on how you’d like to decorate your space!


An Ocean Themed Birthday Party

IMG_2486aWhere I don’t normally post things that are out of the style of my shop, I had so much fun creating this party for my little man that I just had to share with you. Continue reading