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Christmas In July Sale!

Yay…my Christmas ornaments made it on the cover of a Christmas card in the UK! These had come out over last Christmas and so wanted to share it with you then, but had just received the actual card this year. So I figured I would do a Christmas in July sale to celebrate!

Christmas in July Sale 2016 clothandpatina

These little ornies have always been a favorite of mine to create! I was so excited when the company contacted me last year asking if they could use my image for the front of one of their cards! Yes, please & thank you! I was told they are the equivalent to American Greetings here in the states so you can guess how super excited I was! Look at that my shop name is on the back of a greeting card ( can you tell I am a little giddy over this)?

vintage music sheet ornaments clothandpatina

Vintage music sheets, vintage buttons, a bit of jute and a little sparkle! Simple, but timeless and elegant.

vintage music sheet ornaments clothandpatina1

It just seemed the right time with just getting the cards in the mail to do a Christmas in July Sale! I had wanted to get it up and running at the very beginning of July, but we are having to move to a new home in just 9 days and just did not have time to get it up then. But, better late than never right!?! The sale will run for the entire month of July. Please read the entire sale ad before purchasing and as always please feel free to ask any questions.

vintage music sheet ornaments clothandpatina2

I have a very large (from many years of collecting…wink) collection of vintage items, so if there is anything in particular you are looking for, now would be the time before all is packed up! I always have an ongoing “Wish List” for my customers and would be happy to add you to it as well.

vintage music sheet ornaments clothandpatina3

A lot going on here on my end and am so hoping to be able to share with you more on our new move and journey once I know more as to where we are going. As always, thank you so much for stopping in!